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Fire Plans at mychildcare.co.uk

I am now offering professionally drawn fire evacuation plans ideal for the home or any small business for as little as £20 for a single floor plan or £30 for 2 floors. Any more floors please contact me.

rough fire plan finished fire plan

From this . . .

To this . . .

rough fire plan

Or from this . . .

To this . . .

Please click on images to expand.

finished fire plan

Don’t worry how good or bad the drawing is as long as it is clear and well labelled. It must be roughly to scale and have the assembly point marked.

Include any relevant information where appropriate.

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The fire evacuation plans are emailed to you as attachments that can be printed out at A4 size. Here’s how to do it:

1) Draw a simple plan of each floor you wish to use on your fire evacuation plan. Use the samples above as guides. Try to put in all you can such as which way the doors open etc.

2) Scan or photograph your drawing and send it to fireplans@mychildcare.co.uk along with your name and any other details.

3) You will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards and a paypal invoice for the required amount.

4) Once your fire plan is completed (3-4 days) it will be emailed to you for checking.

5) Any errors or changes will be altered until you are happy with the fire plan.